Advance Group UK Ltd provides environmental services for the built and natural environment.

We are specialists in the energy, property and infrastructure sectors, providing a full range of environmental services from planning through to design, construction and maintenance.

Working in the best interests of our clients, we are able to bring expertise and innovation to any project and deliver consistently robust advice, guidance and documentation.

Clients include the public sector, property developers and energy infrastructure companies

Environmental Consents

We gain consent from regulatory authorities for every aspect of developments, including Planning Application Supporting Statements and all other regulatory permits. We also obtain Protected Species Licences and undertake all ecology work.

  • Environmental Support to Planning Applications
  • Discharge of Environmental Planning Conditions
  • Environmental Supporting Statements
  • Environmental Consents and Permits
  • Ecological Protected Species Licences
  • Appropriate Assessment
  • Environmental Permits and Waste Management
  • Abstraction/Discharge Consent
  • Land Drainage Consent
  • Hedgerow Removal Consent
  • Footpath Closure/Diversion

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Environmental issues

Environmental issues can cause programme delays and increase costs when managed incorrectly. We identify potential problems before they materialise and ensure that our clients are given the best advice at all stages of development.