Southern Governor

Southern Governor

As part of ongoing asset and network improvements SGN decommissioned a number of district governor installations over the past few years at various sites in the South of England. These redundant installations have remained in place and require removal. The works needed to proceed as soon as possible also given enquiries from local authorities regarding the deteriorating state of some of these assets. The works were undertaken on a site by site basis albeit geographical efficiencies were required.

AGL Activity included:

  • Project Management and site supervision
  • Site clearance and temporary enabling works to undertake the works
  • Traffic Management
  • Dismantling, clearance and removal off site of redundant buildings and boundaries
  • Dismantling, clearance and removal off site of redundant pipework and mechanical equipment
  • Breakout and remove concrete plinths
  • Cut and concrete fill to redundant mains
  • Asbestos Removal (wherever required)
  • Site fencing
  • Site backfill, infill and reinstatement

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