Saltend AGI Preheat Upgrade

Saltend AGI Preheat Upgrade

The project comprised of the modification of HP (38bar & 17bar) pipework, Remove existing Boiler houses and install a new boiler house and flow/return pipework and associated E&I.

AGL Activity included:

  • Installation of a new 38bar filter
  • Installation of new twin isolation pug valves on the 38bar filters
  • Replacement of the 38bar and 17bar heat exchangers
  • Removal of the existing boilerhouses to be replaced with a single larger unit
  • Replacement of two elevations of the existing fence, including reprofiling of the entrance
  • Installation of improved accesses to high level plant
  • Installation of a new diesel generator
  • Installation of new manhole and valve pit covers
  • Installation of an improved CP system
  • Extensive various electrical and instrumentation works associated with the installation

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