Low Hall Farm AGI & West Cumberland Hospital

Low Hall Farm AGI & West Cumberland Hospital

The project comprised the Installation of a new MP Pipeline (HDD 220m), installation of a new Preheat system, new Governor including LP/MP Inlets & Outlets and the associated Hot Taps. Abandonment, isolation and demolition of the original PRS and HP pipeline.

AGL Activity included:

  • Civils – Excavation of pipeline, bases, pathways, supports and ducting and new access road.
  • Mechanical – Installation and fabrication of all pipework & valves/flanges (PE, steel, stainless and flexallen pipe). Pipe supports and pre-assembled skid/equipment connections. 260m 10” CS Hot taps & Stopples.
  • Install new Gas Regulator Skid, Filter Skid, Boiler Supply Skid, Lighting Unit & Kiosks.
  • NDT & Pressure Testing
  • Coating & Wrapping to PA10/CW5
  • Install Governor Fencing Compound Fencing & associated civils.
  • HDD 220m - Subcontracted

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Service Provided

Principal Contractor


Low Hall Farm

Date completed

20 July 2018