Hunterston TRS

Hunterston TRS

Scotland Gas Networks (SGN) identified the need to downrate the supply network to West Kilbride and Largs on the West Ayshire Coast Line.

The project consisted of down rating the system after the installation of 4 Hot Tap stopples, drilling and down rating. The connection of the current HP Main to an adjacent IP Main to form the new network.

These works included the following activities:

  • Trial Holes
  • Install temporary bases for stopples
  • Fabrication of all pipework
  • Install split tees and stopples trough P9 Welding techniques
  • Drill tees and stopples and insert bags
  • NDT & Pressure Testing
  • Coating & Wrapping to PA10/CW5
  • Removal of existing pipework, isolating and capping redundant pipework
  • Completely remove all pipework and assets from the site at Hunterston
  • Remediate the ground

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Old Moor Road, Hunterston