Grants Distillery Biomethane

Grants Distillery Biomethane

The purpose built production facility produces biogas which is cleaned up, propanised and then compressed for grid specification (Biogas) and entry to the SGN Network Entry Facility (NEF) and onwards to suitable network entry point.

The plant was installed on the Grants distillery site and the existing SGN Pig trap facility and mainly consists of: 

The Upgrade unit – Package Plant based on Wash-water technology, comprising 12m high Stripper & Scrubber stacks, Drying,  Propane enrichment and H2S removal equipment houses in prefabricated container.

AGL Activity included:

  • Civils – Excavation, bases, pathways, supports and ducting
  • Mechanical - Installation and fabrication of all pipework & valves/flanges (PE, steel, stainless and flexipipe). Pipe supports and pre-assembled skid/equipment connections. Outlet Pipework and Hot Tap Connection. 200m 16” PE main  to the flare stack. Fabrication and installation of High & Low level Pipe supports
  • Install new gas regulator skid, odorant unit & kiosks.
  • NDT & Pressure Testing
  • Coating & Wrapping to PA10
  • Install extension Fencing & associated civils (Palisade & GRP)
  • Install new gas generator and compressors

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Grissan Ltd/SGN

Service Provided

Principal Contractor , CDMC, HS&E Consultant services