Condorrat TRS

Condorrat TRS

Scotland Gas Networks (SGN) identified the need to modify the existing preheat system at Condorrat Transmission Reduction Station (TRS) with a system capable of achieving the site’s revised demand. Condorrat TRS is supplied from the 69 barg Glenmavis to Drum H.P. pipeline and provides pressure reduction for the 2barg, 10” diameter Birdston – Cumbernauld MP

System preheat design was based on a maximum operating pressure (MOP) of 70 barg. The project consisted of installing four new 110kW (Armstrong) boilers in a new boiler house, boiler gas supply skid (supplied from the 2 barg outlet) supplying fuel gas to the boilers, and a new standby generator. The flow and return water pipework between the heat exchangers and boiler units replaced using Flexalen pipework.

These works included the following activities:

  • Excavation for installation of new pipework
  • Installation and fabrication of all pipework (Flexallen, PE and steel incl combinations) valves, flanges, bursting discs and vent supports.
  • Install new gas supply skid.
  • NDT & Pressure Testing
  • Coating & Wrapping to PA10
  • Removal of existing pipework, supports, apparatus &  boilerhouse contents.
  • Re-instatement and install new tarmac site entry road

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Condorrat, Cumbernauld