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The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 replaced several pieces of legislation, including the Fire Precautions Act 1971, The Fire Certificate (Special Premises) Regulations 1976 and Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997. If you have previously carried out a fire risk assessment it should be reviewed in light of the wider scope of the Order. A typical Fire Safety Risk Assessment for your workplace will include:

  • Identifying fire hazards.

  • Identifying persons at risk from fire.

  • Evaluation of risks and advice on those risks.

  • Fire detection and warning.

  • Fire fighting.

  • Means of escape and lighting.

  • Signs and notices.

  • Emergency plans.

  • Training.

  • Maintenance and review of equipment and procedures.

Please contact us with your requirements.

We also supply fire equipment and signs, click here for our equipment section.

Accident and Investigation

Serious or fatal accidents and incidents at work are distressing for everyone involved.

Most Directors and Managers are unlikely to have previous experience of such an incident, and this often works against the company interest. The investigating HSE Inspector will not advise you on what you could, and should be doing to protect the company interest, or reveal any of their findings during an investigation. Many Companies wait for the investigators findings to be presented to them before seeking help, which can be many months later. The first presentation of findings may be a notice of intended prosecution, and at this stage the opportunity to assemble evidence to mount a defence is likely to have been lost.

Advance Safety has an ex-HSE Inspector who can conduct an investigation on your behalf, assemble a report, provide expert advice on what the investigators are doing and what you can do to defend yourself during the investigation.

We can offer assistance from the start, and use our expertise and give an informed legal opinion on any liabilities, so that the company and its solicitors can make informed decisions on defence or mitigation to potential criminal charges.

Office Automation

You may already have a management system or are looking to create a new one.

How do you make everyone follow the system? How do you control the formats for manuals and procedures, forms and document templates, and rules and restrictions on creation, modification, archiving and access?

Using your existing IT infrastructure you impose control through a document management system. Typically, a map is made of the workflow. Workflow is the process you follow for any typical project and includes the associated document lifecycle. From this the rules and permissions of this workflow are set on the server. Access to the document system is via an intranet web page. 

Safety And Health

Our safety and heath consultancy team have over 15 years experience and focus on providing relevant, practical solutions that empower our clients to become more self-sufficient in managing their own business critical issues. Our levels of service are;

  • Part-time Safety Advisor Retainer Service

  • A service designed for smaller businesses without their own safety advisor, who require regular contact with an expert for essential Health and Safety advice, including:

    • Inspection visits to ensure compliance with standards, procedures, method statements and/or working practices. Toolbox talks for employees on key safety issues; Annual review/projection of Health and Safety policies, including presentations to company directors; Point of contact for day-to-day Health and Safety queries for all staff.

Typically, an annual plan of work is agreed to suit your business needs, which varies from 4 to 24 days per annum, depending on your overall requirements.

Auditing, Monitoring and Inspection Service

Our auditing consultants undertake an in-depth appraisal of your Management Systems through structured interviews, inspections, documentation reviews and testing. A detailed audit report is submitted with recommendations for improvements.

Monitoring is a service designed for businesses with no Management Systems, and involves a complete review of the workplace, equipment, working practices, policies and risk assessments. Our inspection report contains recommendations for improvements.

Regular site visits are essential for businesses in Construction, CDM and Contract sectors who's employees typically work on a third party premises. Visits are conducted at agreed intervals to assess work in progress, with an immediate report provided to both on-site operatives and management. Pro-active advice can be given for forthcoming work, and other activities include the compilation of method statements and risk assessments, site inductions and toolbox talks.

Safety Management Systems

The need for a management system is set out in The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999. Regulation 5 states that if you employ 5 or more people you must have effective written arrangements for managing Health and Safety risks.

Advance Group UK ensures that your Management System contains only relevant procedures and policies to your business. All procedures within the Management System must be implemented, and so it is essential that they fit what you do and how you do it, and each employee must be trained on every relevant procedure and monitored for compliance. Therefore a Management System is only of benefit if it is implemented and routinely monitored and improved, indeed a Management System that is irrelevant and ignored can significantly worsen your position in any HSE Inspection or Investigation.

We provide Health and Safety Management systems which meet the requirements of HSG 65 or OHSAS 18001 and can be accredited against either of these standards. We can also manage the accreditation process for you if required. For many clients an Integrated Management System for Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality is relevant. We have the expertise available to support you through developing and obtaining accreditation for an Integrated Management System.

Less is more. We believe our approach gives best value for our clients, eliminates wasteful and irrelevant procedures and guarantees your Safety Management System is fully integrated into your organisation and does not sit on a shelf collecting dust!

Safety Policies

Many clients come to us when they realise that they have not got an adequate Safety Policy or Risk Assessments. A Health and Safety Policy for a small Construction company includes all the key risks that a Principal Contractor would encounter, with simple management arrangements. For example;

Noise - Normal work activities do not give rise to continuous levels of noise that may damage hearing. Certain items of plant and equipment will give rise to localised high noise levels for short durations. Equipment operators and those in the immediate area will use hearing protection when required. Plant and equipment requiring the use of hearing protection will be identified in the relevant construction procedure or method statement and or the equipment will be labelled.

Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessment of your company activities is a legal requirement. We can provide detailed risk assessments for a range of environments and work situations in your company. This information can be used to inform strategic planning, produce operational procedures, and highlight appropriate training needs.

Method Statements and Safe Work Procedures

Do you rewrite your method statements every time you tender for a job? Do your documents read clearly and concisely? Are they site specific? If not, there is a risk that it will not be read properly and essential details missed because they are buried in pages of text.

We can reformat and rewrite your Method Statements and Safe Work Procedures, to reintroduce clear safe systems of work for high risk operations, and to allow you to tender for new jobs with minimal editing needs.

Health and Safety Executive enforcement action

At some point a HSE Inspector will knock on your door. This can result in the company being required to take action. Inspectors may issue a Prohibition Notice where there is a risk of serious personal injury, stopping work immediately, or an Improvement Notice where change is required within a set timescale, or simply send a letter recommending improvements within a set timescale or give verbal advice during the visit.

Whist inspectors aim to be as helpful as possible you may require specialist advice to ensure any changes you implement will meet the inspector's requirements. Failure to comply with a Notice will result in a court appearance and, in exceptional circumstances, in prison sentence. 

Advance Group UK has an ex-HSE Inspector to provide advice on:

  • Challenging a notice or requirement in a letter

  • Interpretation of the requirements of any Notice, attached schedule or letter

  • Producing a 'compliance action plan'

  • Requesting extensions to notices

  • Drafting written responses to HSE

  • Representation during further visits by HSE

  • Please contact us with your requirements, or see our section on HSE Investigations.


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